Last March, Daesh launched a story that meant a further step in its scale of murders with all kinds of cruelty and aberrations. For the first time the executor of five women convicted by Islamic courts of Daesh, was a girl of 12 years, the incident happened in the Iraqi city of Nineveh, which was an important Assyrian city-a civilization characterized by extreme cruelty and murder mass on behalf of their god Assur- [i] .
It is possible that this is the announcement of what, according to experts, Daesh  is preparing:  the use of women in their suicide attacks to "terrorize the West", various media are already talking about the existence of military camps for women [ii] , and many of them would be prepared to attack in Europe, in the short term.
This process of radicalization, confirm the statements of Shukee Begum, a young British Muslim with immigrant background, who escaped from Daesh, in which she warns of the criminal and murderous mentality of women who follow this Islamic terrorist organization, in their statements narrates how many of them gather to watch video of the ISIS atrocities committed against prisoners of war and against Christians [iii]  .
If killers are a new role that the Daesh is preparing for their women, the other is sex- slaves. The Western press has published Daesh documents in which women are graded according to their origin age, etc., to be sold as slaves in public markets. Testimonials of enslaved and raped women by militiamen of Daesh appear every day in the Western media, highlighting the large number of women belonging to the ethnic group of the yezidi [iv] , an ethnic group of European appearance towards which Daesh feels a special contempt .
French novelist Anna Erelle perfectly describes this aspect of "hunting women” of Daesh, in his novel "Dans le peu d'unne ghijaudiste"[v] , which tells how is passed by a young French Muslim of North African origin and comes to contact a senior leader of Daesh by Skype, he insists she has  to travel to Syria to marry him, in the background of the novel –based  on real events –there  is the character of "sexual predator" taken by  the leader of  Daesh, and the wide network that has the organization to recruit young Muslim of Western Europe, who when reach the territory dominated by the Daesh become sex slaves.
All these aberrations can only be understood in the context of Wahhabism, the radical Islamism that inspire the ISIS and Saudi Arabia, where there had been planned to hold a seminar to determine whether women are or not human beings [vi] .

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