The massive rapes of New Year's Eve 2015 shocked European public opinion, it was the large number of sexual attacks and that they were produced simultaneously in several German and European cities what made for the first time that sexual-jihad became news cover almost in all European media. It was not the first time these massive sexual assaults of immigrants to European women happened: a phenomenon that has been happening for decades, especially in central and northern Europe, and more particularly in Scandinavia.
Among other aberrations of Muslim societies, immigrants have also brought to Europe the so called "Taharrush", a collective rape of several men to a woman in a public space. In Europe this sexual assault has the same male chauvinism component that in Arab societies, but added the component of hate to Europeans, humiliation to the society that has welcomed them and a spirit of conquest on women and the European territory, as –for example- this video shows in which a Muslim is proud to have participated in a collective rape of a European 7 year old girl [1] .
This kind of sexual assaults are documented in France since the late 90s, and although the authorities and "politically correct" press the have tried to hide, such as those that happened in the festival Summer Music in Stockholm in 2014 [2] , after what happened today in Colonia they are already known by the European public, the first step to prevent its expansion.
But European politicians –sick of their multicultural prejudices- are unwilling to address the problem. In the case of Germany the authorities have banned the police to use the term "rapes" [3]  in reports about what happened on New Year's Eve in Cologne, for "no cause Islamophobic reactions”, what prevents detain rapist, having to report these sexual assaults as "little incidents" [4].
By contrast European governments suggest that victims of these crimes are these who will see diminished their freedom, and advises women not go out alone at night [5]  . And even in the case of the Netherlands not to wear miniskirts at work [6] . A throwback to the Middle Ages in the name of multiculturalism?
It is necessary to say it clearly: gang rapes by immigrants are part of Islamic terrorism in Europe, and thus should be treated by the police and governments. It shall the multicultural EU politicians dare to do it?