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Anke Vandermeerch, lawyer, deputy on the Flemish Parliament, Federal Senator (Belgium), local councilor in Antwerp. She is the founder and the president of the European Association “Women Against Islamization”. Miss Belgium in 1991.
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After decades of multiculturalism and education policies with public money. What do you think is the degree of integration of Muslim immigrants into European society? Can we speak of "acculturation" or instead of "Islamization"?
Multiculturalism is bad for our own European culture because we allow and pamper other cultures on European territory. Our culture is the breeding ground of our pluralistic society and, therefore, one can not replace it by blind multiculturalism that undermines pluralism.

Tolerance has its limits. Western society is as a result of the mass immigration to a certain extent a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society. But that multicultural society does not work, has never worked and never will work.

Multiculturalism in practice is equivalent to blindly accept and embrace of the Islam and this leads automatically to Islamization of Europe.

The Islamization is not a local problem. It concerns a phenomenon that occurs in almost all Western European countries and cities. Many Western European cities are likely to be confronted with Islamic majorities within a few decades, due to the fast demographic increase in the Muslim population living in the West.

You are the President of the European Association “Association of Women against Islamization”. Do you think women are the first victims of this Islamization?
The first and foremost victims of islamization are women. Females in the Muslim world, but also in the Islamic communities of Europe, are systematically discriminated against, oppressed and molested.

According to Islam, women are subordinate to men, as they owe their fathers and husbands unquestioning obedience. In Islamic tradition, the men invariably take all important decisions in the stead of their wives and daughters. Islam dictates, a man may chasten his wife, if necessary, in order to keep her in line.

With respect to the treatment of women, Islam is synonymous to humiliation and discrimination. Muslim women can only inherit half as much as a man. According to Islamic jurisdiction, the testimony of a woman is half as trustworthy as that of a man’s. Furthermore, Islam forces females into wearing head scarves, veils and even burqas, for women are deemed responsible for men’s sexual restraint. Islam also considerably curbs women’s liberty of action. Without permission of her husband a Muslim woman may not leave her house.

Along with Islam, savage practices such as honor killings, forced marriage, polygamy and circumcision are making inroads into our society.

Belgian justice -so weak in other things- had condemned your Association for some of his propaganda posters. What have based these convictions?
I made for Women Against a legs-poster campaign, where the degree of Islamization in combination with skirt length is measured on my legs. This poster is known for a very different reason, but also because is it shared worldwide on internet until today. The famous French producer of the shoes I’m wearing on the poster sued the organization and myself because he did not want me to wear his shoes because I’m a right wing conservative politician. In a dubious mediatized process for the Court I was sentenced never to wear the shoes again or spread the poster. As soon as a campaign is successful by the organization Women Against we are be heavily attacked and/or subpoenaed.

Belgium is the European country which proportionally more "young-women" have joined the ISIS. Is this the greatest failure of Belgian assimilation policy?
The Belgian State security estimates the number of Muslim extremists in our country on 2%, while worldwide it is a fact that 8 to 10% of the Muslim population will turn to the Salafism and consider violence as a legitimate means to spread Islam.

Belgium provides the largest number of jihadists in the world. Almost 500 fighters went to the Syrian battlefield, also women.

Between 10 and 30% of the jihadists have left the conflict zone again. Most of them have returned and are a major threat to Western countries.

Your book on the situation of Women in Islam is entitled "Whore nor slave".  Does really the Koran condemns women to a position of submission and sexual exploitation?
In the debate on Islam it is typically quiet about the position of women. At the most there is cited that the Western equality of men and women is violated bij Muslims, but is rarely debated in detail.

The position of women in islam is questionable. The Koran inaugurates the superiority of the man. According to the Koran have men authority over women because Allah tought the one superior to the other. Men and women have different tasks according to the Koran and therefore women do not enjoy the same rights as men. Men are in the whole Muslim world seen as superior to women and this obviously has negative effects on family life, where the oldest man of the family is the boss. Disobedience or contradictions lead to discussions and sometimes even to violence. Traditionally men have their way and this usually without any consultation with their wife.

Moslima’s are condemned to submission.

How is it possible that feminists do not denounce the Islamist? While they are able to “attack” the European "patriarchy" (?), they don not say neither a word the Islamist discrimination against women. Is it Fear or effects of the “political correctness”?
Since multiculturalism in practice is equivalent to blindly accept and embrace of islam, it is necessarily bad for women and in contradiction to the objectives and ideals of feminism. Feminism thrives only thanks to Western values as equality between man and woman, autonomy, freedom and individuality. Non-Western cultures, such as the Islamic, do not know these values and thus collided with feminism.

The feminist movement has a turbulent history. However, what is currently taking place, is an existential conflict. On the one hand, the emancipation of women with a different ethnic and religious background is encouraged and on the other hand the so called 'free choice' to wear headscarfs defended. I understand that political correctness has led to absolute schizrofrenia.

Are the European and Islamic concept of family and marriage and Islamic Europe comparable?
Islam in our country often comes into conflict with our legal provisions on family law. This is because the Koran imposes its own rules related to marriage and divorce, child custody and inheritance rights conditions. It is important, in the context of migration, to strictly act against marriages of convenience, arranged or forced marriages. The legislation on family reunification should be severe to be efficient in the field of migration policy. In addition, a society must have the courage to deny the access to the territory to partners with a criminal record. There is a clear need for a tough approach on various legal and police areas.

The reluctance to integrate systematically is facilitated by allowing a marriage partner from the home country via a forced or arranged marriage. It is undermining our society.

There are Muslims and multicultural propaganda that say that Muslim women wear the burqa or niqab for "free choice". Do you think this is true?
There are young girls who wear a headscarf and claim that they have taken that choice in full freedom. Everything depends of course on the interpretation of 'freedom' and 'choice'. Wearing a headscarf is warm, annoying and uncomfortable, therefore most Muslim women are constantly fiddling. At the same time they must also constantly to make sure that her hair doesn’t come peeping because its purpose is to completely cover the hair. No woman on earth carries freely a scarf, but there are consequences to not wearing it. A 32-year-old Muslima in our country from Schaerbeek of Pakistani origin experienced how bad these consequences are when she was killed by her three brothers because she refused to wear a head scarf.

Sexual attacks occurred in Cologne and other European cities in the last New Year's Eve, Can be explained from the Muslim hatred of European women?
In Europe we know since the mass immigration also ' grooming'-practice Islamic gangs (especially Pakistanis and Somalis), non-Muslim underage girls are under the influence of drink and drugs sexual abused and prostituted. Group rapes by Muslims from non-Muslims have everything to do with the woman hate culture that islam is. What happened is Cologne is an example of the Arab 'taharrush' or sex jihad, which is described in the Koran.

Do you believe that sexual assault can become an epidemic throughout Europe if the government does not act quickly?
Women are discriminated in many ways within islam and considered as very inferior. This is expressed, for example, in the inhuman and unjust treatment of women in rapes. The fully twisted sexual morality in Islam, that men carry no responsibility for their sexual behavior. It is a fact that guys within the islamic community in this matter go unpunished. In addition, based on the mistaken assumption that in the long term the values and standards of the surrounding society will be automatically retrieved by immigrants. It also ignores the fact that these cultural and religious group within Western society have their own ideological agenda and strengthened themselves by reactionary identity formation. I fear, as the figures already confirm, in Europe there will be more and more serious crimes against women.

In your opinion, what can be done to stop the Islamization of Europe?
Enough is enough and we therefore must implement an immigration stop for strangers and definitely a stop for Muslim-immigrants!